Everything that can possibly be open source in fabrication should be and this repo is a place to start.

ASF guidelines + software should be free + the philosophy intended here.

It is understood that you need to be able to keep portions of software private in order to secure it, though there is a lot of hope on the horizon that blockchain can help to dispel that truth into a new truth as well. Reminder: blockchain is not cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency is not blockchain, though both have the potential to add value to each other.

It is understood that intelligent people who write good or great software do need to sustain themselves. The currency in this matter should not matter as long as the people and machines which need resources can find those resources. Software should be free and people should be paid for good work are not mutually exclusive truths.

To that end: Abricate's long term goals will include funding the purchase of code created by a developer or developers in order to open source the code. However, there needs to be a threshold of value that has already been created in order to begin that discussion. Once there are revenues sufficient to begin the conversation a sub goal will be to buy young code at affordable costs and encourage the original coder(s) to stay engaged, help the code mature, and continue to purchase updates in order to create quantifiable improvements. 

As that pertains to this code base, the value is not in creating closed source applications which prohibit anyone or any machine from having access to the source code whenever possible. The value in fabrication comes from the parts and assemblies which are fabricated and the value those can create for advancing intelligence, artificial, natural, or otherwise.

This project is the beginning of a meritocracy founded on the ideas of radical truth and radical transparency. Please do your best to stay true to this and create a culture as such in order to truly make the world a better place. You cannot take shortcuts and produce principled work. It is one or the other, code accordingly.

Welcome all!